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Top 10 Wedding Car Questions

Wedding Cars - what style should you book, how many do you really need and who rides with whom?

There’s more to consider when booking your wedding transport than just the cost and how to save money. Here are our top 10 wedding car questions and answer.

1) What type of wedding transport is available?

Would you like a classic vintage car, a funky retro car like a VW Beetle or campervan, a modern car like a Mercedes or something different like a horse drawn carriage or limo? Match your wedding car to your wedding style or theme. You might even be able to match the colour too.

2) How many wedding cars do we really need to book?

Most couples book two or three wedding cars but you could save money by booking one special car and several other ordinary taxis for the journeys.

3) How can we save money on our wedding cars?

Some companies may give you discount if you are booking more than 1 car. (eg 10% on 2 cars or 15% on 3 cars)

4) How many seats does each car have?

When booking your wedding cars, it’s worth checking how many seats each car has. For instance the limo you love the look of might seat 16 so you can fit your whole bridal party in whereas for the same cost the cute sports car your groom likes the look of might only seat two.

5) Should we hire a bus or coach for wedding guests?

If your venues are quite a distance apart and most guests are staying at the reception venue, or if there is limited parking at either venue then it makes sense to book a bus or coach

6) Who goes with whom in each car?

The groom and best man

The bride and her father (or whoever is giving her away)

The bridesmaids and the mother of the bride

7) When does each car need to arrive at the ceremony and the venue?

The ushers travel to the ceremony first

The guests should then start to arrive

The groom & best man should arrive next

Followed by the bridesmaids & mother of the bride

With the bride and whoever is giving her away to arrive last

The bride and groom then leave for the reception first followed by the rest of the bridal party and then the guests.

8) What happens if we need to cancel our wedding car booking?

Its important to get all the entails of your booking in writing from the company – detailing the date, times and cost. Check the small print, ask about cancelation policy and if you’re wedding insurance will cover it – just in case.

9) How should we decorate the wedding cars?

Decorate your wedding cars in the traditional way with a ribbon at the front, flowers inside and don’t forget the champagne for after the ceremony if the car company offers a package for this.

10) Should we view the cars?

It would be advisable to view the car that the bride will be travelling in to make sure there is plenty room for her depending on the style of wedding dress she has chosen.

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